AI + Advanced Analytics

Modern Data Organizations build outcome-based machine learning and artificial intelligence models to gain additional insights into complex data scenarios. These insights are measurable and iterated based upon real-world results. OneSix can help you get there.


AI-Ready Data

We aid orgs in assessing their data and providing a roadmap for how you can get their data ready for AI.


AI + Algorithms

Delivering flexible analytics for actionable insights to your daily workflow.


IoT + Data Streaming

We build cloud-native apps that give organizations a faster time to market, and reduced risk.


Ad-hoc Data Analysis

Let us be the experts upgrade your outdated technologies and concepts.


Global electronics & automation corporation provides valuable proof of concept for data streaming

A global industrial automation and electronics components corporation asked One Six Solutions to build a streaming component for their data visualization.

omron ind automation


Commercial printer operations: Capitalizing on IoT’s potential

OneSix was brought in to help build a data warehouse solution that could facilitate operations reporting using data gathered through IoT-enabled sensors.



Global color management and hardware manufacturer streamlines data across retailer POS systems with two-way, on-demand data sync

Our client wanted to: Gather point-of-sale data from individual retailer workstations. Distribute new manufacturer data to these stations so retailers have the most up-to-date manufacturer data.


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