At One Six Solutions we enjoy building tools to make our development easier. We decided to write a Chrome Extension that helps developers like us get access to their test data. Introducing Euclid, a simple DynamoDB querying Chrome Extension.

Download Euclid for DynamoDB and tell us what you think!

So far the feature list includes:

  • Querying data by its partition key, sort key and miscellaneous column filters. You can also build queries on the fly from the results.
  • Adding favorite tables for quick access.
  • Query history to quickly switch to past queries.
  • Defensive about full table scans, for example Euclid does not allow scanning with filters.
  • Exporting to CSV.
  • Paging with data lazy loaded.
  • Viewing and deleting items.

We are iterating quickly and gathering feedback from users; please drop us a comment if you would like to see a specific feature or have any questions.

Plans for the near future:

  • Add all the DynamoDB querying comparison operators (equal to, less than, begins with, etc.).
  • Build out functionality to add and edit items.
  • Sorting.
  • Advanced querying features targeted at developers.

A quick note on Security:

We do not store your App ID or Secret on any of our servers or send them unencrypted over the wire as this application runs 100% in the browser. The App ID and Secret is stored in Chrome’s local storage. We recommend creating an App ID and Secret that only has access to DynamoDB.

Download Euclid for DynamoDB and tell us what you think!

Ajit is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and a member of the One Six Solutions team.