We recently hosted a live webinar, with Fivetran and National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) on how to unlock the benefits of Fivetran. For those that were unable to attend the live event, we wanted to some provide some highlights of the webinar and the key takeaways.

Kwon Lee, Manager at One Six Solutions, kicked us off demonstrating how Fivetran can eliminate time consuming processes and alleviate cluttered data integration to create a more streamlined data-driven strategy.

Specifically, he walked us through four key benefits of Fivetran, and the value-add companies can realize when partnering with One Six Solutions. Kwon summarizes these benefits as Automation, Standardization, Transformation, and Acceleration. Faster time to insights for our customers, and enabling data teams to operate more efficiently.

Kwon then provided additional insights into each of the four benefits:

Automated Data Movement

Fivetran Benefits

  • Complete data replication from source to destination
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Set up in minutes, not months
  • Source schema change detection and migration 

One Six Solutions Value-Add

One Six Solutions has experience working with nearly all of the applications and databases native to Fivetran. However, in those inevitable situations where an organization’s application does not have a native connector, One Six Solutions provides automation of non-native connectors leveraging Fivetran.

Standardized Data Schemas

Fivetran Benefits

  • Great starting point for data exploration
  • Consistent underlying data structures from source to source
  • Up to date documentation of schema changes over time
  • Data teams can focus on analytics, not schemas

One Six Solutions Value-Add

One Six Solutions provides next-step data modeling of subject areas for reporting. We have specialties and expertise in dimensional modeling and ensure our customers’ data is prime for reporting. This includes layering data from multiple sources for holistic analytics.

Ready Analytics Templates

Fivetran Benefits

  • Ready-made queries for analyzing well-known data sources
  • Plug and play dashboards to visualize data quickly
  • NetSuite script and dashboards available in multiple platforms
  • Enriched data models for Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc. via dbt

One Six Solutions Value-Add

One Six Solutions is able to build dashboard enhancements that are tailored to your particular organization, utilizing Fivetran’s ready analytics templates, to provide enhanced reporting specific to your exact needs.

Faster Time to Insight

Overall Benefits

We are all aware that time is a precious commodity. In the time your team would spend actively maintaining and building data pipelines from multiple different data systems, versus buying a solid product like Fivetran, your teams could be focused on more strategic and value-add tasks for your organization. One Six Solutions and Fivetran enable this time savings for our customers by:

  • Reducing data integration bottlenecks
  • Exploring easy to understand schemas
  • Building your data warehouse incrementally and efficiently
  • Empowering data consumers with faster analytics delivery

Next up, Vicky Yu, Director of Business Intelligence at NMMA, shared her firsthand experience of the business and data challenges her team was facing, and how working with One Six Solutions and Fivetran provided NMMA quicker turnarounds, deeper analysis, tailored reporting, and a single source of truth across the organization.

Customer Spotlight: National Marine Manufacturers Association

Vicky Yu
Business Intelligence

We hope this webinar has you thinking about how you can better unlock the possibilities of your data and systems. We would love to discuss further how One Six Solutions could help. In the meantime, you can enjoy the webinar in its entirety below with just your name and email: