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At OneSix, we believe that in order to prepare for the future of AI and machine learning, companies must build a Modern Data Organization. This means ensuring that data is AI-ready to take advantage of modern data exploration tools like augmented analytics.

As a Premier Snowflake Partner, we have developed a new Snowflake + ChatGPT proof of concept called Narrate IQ designed to show the power of natural-language-based data querying. The result brings AI-fueled data insights direct to users, in the tool of their choice.

Traditionally, companies use dashboards and reporting-based visualization tools to analyze their data. These visualizations are prebuilt by developers and require technical resources to maintain and update. But, executives and business users don’t always know what questions they will have about their data, and the reality is that decision-makers don’t have time to explore a dashboard. We believe the next evolution of data analytics is building a data architecture that can quickly leverage the latest AI advancements for fast, on-demand analysis.

That’s where the power of augmented analytics comes in. Narrate IQ uses Chat GPT to turn the numbers and dashboards into a narrative that executives can understand and act on, simply by sending a Slack message.

Narrate IQ can generate role-specific daily data summaries that answer these questions and send them to you in the tool of your choice, for example using Slack.  Then, with our ChatGPT integration using Azure’s OpenAI Service, users can ask follow-up questions about their data and receive answers without opening a BI tool.

Role Specific Use Cases

Narrate IQ is a powerful set of tools that sits on top of Snowflake and makes the data work for you. Now executives can get more out of their data, gain valuable insights, and make more informed decisions based on that data. It’s just one of the ways that OneSix is helping companies build their Modern Data Org.

Augmented Analytics is the next natural evolutionary step in data analysis. But, organizations won’t be able to leverage new AI-based technologies, like ChatGPT, until they modernize their data architecture. Narrate IQ is just an example of how One Six combines modern data tools with the latest advancements in AI to bring valuable insights to executives and business users.

Reach out to see how we can help you get more out of your data with augmented analytics & Snowflake.