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OneSix works diligently to understand your current challenges and future opportunities, identifying the cloud services and architecture that will enable the capabilities, flexibility, and scalability needed to stay competitive in the marketplace.

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Our team of Microsoft Azure experts works with our clients to address their most pressing operational challenges with carefully designed software solutions. By diligently crafting cloud-native applications according to the unique circumstances of each client, OneSix delivers a product that considers every aspect of your business from the users to the bottom line.

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Building software in cloud environments is a very different process from traditional application development. It requires specialized skills and a depth of experience working with these platforms.

Data Analytics + BI


Unlock data driven insights and empower informed decision making with Cloud Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics Solutions.

Modern App Development


We partner with companies to architect and build cloud-native applications, prioritizing user experience, scalable performance, and cost efficiency.

Serverless Computing


With a focus on serverless frameworks, our services provide greater scalability, flexibility, and quicker time to release, at a reduced cost.

IoT + Devices


Find new insights by collecting untapped data from connected devices, assets, and sensors.

Migration & Modernization


Save money and improve efficiency by migrating and modernizing your workloads to Azure with proven tools and guidance.


Azure Projects Delivered




OneSix has a long track record developing software for and in the cloud with Microsoft Azure, and our experienced experts can design the perfect cloud-native application for your business.

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