As a group of experienced Fivetran consultants, we take pride in being able to solve your business challenges by leveraging the power of the Fivetran platform.

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The movement of data from source systems to a centralized location is critical for holistic analytics. With a few clicks of a button, Fivetran provides full data replication of a wide array of applications and databases into a cloud data warehouse.


Faster Time to Insight with Fivetran and OneSix

Check out our Fivetran solutions below and discover more about how OneSix can help. When you are ready, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and offer a free Fivetran consultation.

Data Pipelines Done Right


  • Complete data replication from source to destination
  • Set up in minutes, not months
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Source schema change detection and migration
  • Automation of non-native connectors leveraging Fivetran

Data Lake Automation


  • OneSix can automate your Data Lake build with the Fivetran Platform
  • We enable automatic historical data change tracking for Data Warehouse use cases
  • We implement real-time, near-real time and micro-batch processing based on your project needs
  • We build resilient pipelines with automatic schema change detection without the need for developer support

Go Custom & Optimize Costs


  • We build custom connectors for platforms not currently available out of the box
  • OneSix can build custom connectors on your cloud platform and language of choice
  • Optimize your Fivetran spend with the OneSix Fivetran spend assessment

Successful Fivetran Projects


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Time is money

Stop wasting time building and maintaining data pipelines requiring developer intervention every time your operational systems change. Let us help you implement Fivetran.

Transform your data org

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