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Data Analytics

Software Firm’s Customer Support Analytics Platform

What was the problem?

A computer software firm specializing in asset management and software monetization wanted to provide their support team with ability to track their team’s performance and customer review metrics. Current reporting was manual and provided little clarity on core metrics important to the support organization.

How we helped?

The One Six team helped the client with the initial analysis of their data systems and worked to enhance the existing Data Warehouse with this data. We worked with the VP of Support to outline, define, and track the required metrics and KPIs that represent the support team’s performance level in relation to their end customers expectations.

What were some of the tools used?

The Data Warehouse was on a SQL Server 2016 instance and utilized SSIS for ETL to extract data from multiple SQL databases, Salesforce, and Excel.  SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) was used to construct a tabular model and calculate the required measures for reporting. Microsoft Power BI was selected to build the "Support Insights" dashboard.

What were the results?

The client was able to identify key areas where performance levels were lacking and focus their efforts on those instances to improve their overall performance scores. Valuable insights were used by the support team and management to re-direct their time and resources thereby strengthening their customer relationships and resolving bottlenecks. Truly actionable insights were obtained through visually appealing and interactive data visualizations.