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Data Lakes and Warehouses

Commercial Printer’s Data Warehouse And Analytics Platform

What was the problem?

The company had been stymied in their efforts to obtain milestone and end-to-end efficiency measures of order processes from order entry through shipping.

How we helped?

One Six Solutions integrated order data from multiple systems including order entry, planning, shop floor and shipping data to provide a single consolidated view of an order from start to finish.  We worked with the company’s process engineers and operations leadership to design and deliver dashboards providing visibility to any issues in the process flow of an order.

What were some of the tools used?

Source systems integration was performed using SSIS and the integrated data was warehoused in a SQL Server 2014 database.  Sources included Hybrid (PrintFlow) and Radius manufacturing planning and process control systems.  Integrated data from SQL Server was loaded to a set of Qlik data models for consumption by Qlik Sense dashboards which the team built.

What were the results?

Multiple teams with responsibility for order processes began to use the dashboards in their daily “workouts”.  The proofing team was able to reduce order turn around times in their department by almost 50 percent in the first 6 months using their dashboard.  Durable monitors were installed to the company’s shipping floors for display of the shipping performance dashboards, allowing each shipping department to track their performance hourly.