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Data Analytics

Commercial Printer’s Operations Monitoring Platform

What was the problem?

The company had installed “electronic eye” sensors on most of its’ industrial printers but had been unable to harness the sensor data collected to drive actionable operations reporting.

How we helped?

One Six Solutions built processes for intake, “compression” and integration of the high-volume sensor data, combining it with work activity data from the company’s process control system.  We worked with the company’s process engineers to build complete printer-centric and job-centric views of printing operations’ efficiency.  One Six Solutions also developed a web service that could be polled for near-real-time job data by software installed on the printers, enabling printer crews to access detailed information without leaving their printers.

What were some of the tools used?

Sensor data was gathered from Prometheus time series database which was the initial data collection point.  Data was stored in both raw and aggregated form in a SQL Server 2014 Data Warehouse using SSIS for integration. Integrated data from the Data Warehouse was ingested into Qlik Sense to support dashboards displaying the aggregated data for management reporting.  Real-time shop floor dashboards were developed using Grafana.

What were the results?

The solution delivered immediate visibility to printer downtime patterns.  The main “job by printer” metrics dashboard went into use while still in prototype form to satisfy urgent demand for the information it could deliver.  Dialogue between departmental job planning teams and their printer crews increased as it became possible to focus discussion on numbers not anecdotes.