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Data Lakes and Warehouses

Ecommerce Client's Data Warehouse And Dashboard Solution

What was the problem?

Our client is an ecommerce educational, healthcare and agricultural supply company. Their data challenge was created as a result of multiple merger and acquisitions over time.  As a result, seven different ERP systems made it nearly impossible to effectively report across the enterprise.

How we helped?

The One Six Solutions team assisted the client with systems analysis, Data Warehouse architecture and development to build creating a standard information management architecture across the firm. One Six Solutions worked with the organization’s executive leadership team to define requirements and standardize business definitions for a set of core KPI’s to be used across the company.

What were some of the tools used?

The solution was built on a SQL Server 2016 platform utilizing SSIS for ETL to integrate data from multiple ERP systems. The data from the Data Warehouse was then ingested into Qlik Sense to support data visualization and data discovery for end users. Qlik’s NPrinting platform was used to deliver dashboards and other static reporting content emailed to the executive leadership team daily.

What were the results?

One Six Solutions implemented a Data Warehouse solution integrating the disparate ERP systems which then enabled our client to successfully measure business performance across each division of the company. The goal was to integrate data across all ERP systems to support consistent and accurate reporting for senior leadership in both the sales and finance functions.