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Data Lakes and Warehouses

Entertainment Retailer's Analytics Platform

What was the problem?

The retailer’s Strategy and Analytics teams were experiencing run times ranging from hours to days for queries against the largest data sources on their existing data warehouse, negatively impacting the teams’ turn times for new analyses.

How we helped?

One Six Solutions worked with the retailer’s teams to prioritize problem data sources to be ported into Amazon Redshift, and to gather requirements for content and structural changes to those sources in their new environment.  We implemented the data loads for those sources into Redshift.  One Six Solutions converted Tableau workbooks that the teams had been running against the existing SQL Server Data Warehouse environment to the new Redshift platform.

What were some of the tools used?

Data loads were implemented using SSIS, extracting data from SQL Server then using the ZappySys suite of extensions to interface to Amazon S3 / Redshift.  Tableau workbooks were rebuilt and tested in Tableau 10.5.  The new workbooks’ data sources were a mix of extracts (using Hyper) and live query as appropriate, taking advantage of Amazon Redshift’s processing power for aggregate queries.

What were the results?

Queries from the rebuilt Tableau workbooks showed performance improvements of 1 – 2 orders of magnitude compared with the prior versions sourced against SQL Server.  The retailer’s highest-volume data sources (in the 10’s of billions of records) are now available on Amazon Redshift for general use by the Strategy and Analytics teams.