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Data Analytics

Flavor Manufacturer’s Self Service Reporting Platform

What was the problem?

A manufacturer of flavors for the food and beverage industry needed insight into sales and product performance across the enterprise. There was no consolidated platform to help them make data driven decisions.

How we helped?

The One Six team helped the client pick a technology platform that would address their requirements but also provide long term flexibility in a low cost, low maintenance platform.  We worked with the executive team to formulate a set of KPI’s to measure business performance and set a direction for the data integration strategy and analytics platform selection.

What were some of the tools used?

Our team implemented a Microsoft SQL Azure based Data Warehouse to provide a single platform for product and sales analytics. Data was integrated from custom ERP platforms, Excel and HubSpot CRM leveraging Azure Data Factory v2 and SSIS on Azure.  Azure Blob storage and Azure Automation were used for automating the data loads. Reports and Dashboards were developed with Tableau Online for leadership reporting.

What were the results?

Our client was now able to use a single platform to engage with their enterprise product and sales data. They no longer had different reports in different systems with silos of information. The sales teams were better able to target their best customers for upsell and resell opportunities and the product teams were able to understand which products were performing best in the market.