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Data Analytics

Global Industrial Automation Leader’s Custom Embedded Reporting Platform

What was the problem?

A global leader in the industrial automation industry wanted to provide their customers with the ability to track their user and efficiency metrics. There was no ability to automate and report on inventory metrics and data driven decision making was very difficult.

How we helped?

The One Six team helped the client select a technology stack that would address their customers needs and provide them with data driven insights into their current processes. We worked with stakeholders from both our client and their end customer to create a set of business performance measures, roadmap the data integration plan, select and implement the optimal analytics platform.

What were some of  the tools used?        

The team  implemented a Microsoft SQL Server based Data Warehouse to provide a single  platform for inventory, customer, and sales analytics. Data was propagated to  Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to create a tabular model that  would serve as the underlying data source for Power BI dashboards and  reports. The required business performance measures were calculated in SSAS .  Power BI Embedded was used to incorporate the reporting functionality into  the end client’s web based customer portal.

What were the results?

The client was able to increase customer loyalty, facility efficiency, and decrease the lack of transparency between management and workers at the plant level. Time to information was reduced from weeks to minutes for end users.  End customers gained a better understanding of their company’s performance levels and were able to anticipate and resolve  issues before they emerged.