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Application Modernization

Global Pharma Manufacturer's Diagnostics Software

What was the problem?

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer asked One Six Solutions to aid in the architecture and development of their next generation diagnostics and clinical testing instruments. We were asked to write the communication layer for testing and result transmission to other clinical systems, as well as help prepare the system for launch.

How we helped?

The client’s clinical testing device connects to other systems and transmits data using Google Protocol Buffers and health care specific protocols (ex. Health Level 7). We built the communication layer to transmit data based on internal events, as well as deal with incoming messages, errors, connectivity issues etc. We also conducted code reviews, fixed bugs across the system, and documented issues visible to the FDA certification process. We worked closely with different parts of their existing teams that wrote embedded code, clinical testing logic and third party simulators, communicating to them design requirements, existing bugs etc.

What were some of the tools used?

The application was built in Windows Communication Framework (WCF) with a Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) frontend; it communicated with backend third party systems and hardware using Google Protocol Buffers, HL7 and ASTM. The database access layer was written using LLBLGen and Unit Tests were written in NUnit and Moq.

What were the results?

The clinical testing device is in its final stages of FDA certification and is able to communicate successfully with third party devices. We are currently working on post launch features to integrate more devices and orchestrate test samples being mechanically delivered to the product.