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Data Analytics

Global Software Company’s Marketing Analytics Platform

What was the problem?

Our client is global IT software and security solutions company specializing in asset management and software monetization. Their goal was to obtain insights into their marketing  initiatives and measure campaign performance across their digital marketing platforms.

How we helped?

The One Six team assisted the client with the initial analysis and implemented additions to their Data Warehouse providing visually rich and highly interactive dashboards. We worked with Marketing’s senior leadership to define requirements and identify a set of KPI’s to measure leads flow and software purchase opportunities created from marketing campaigns.

What were some of the tools used?

The Data Warehouse was built on SQL Server 2016 utilizing SSIS for ETL to extract data from various SQL databases and Salesforce. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) was leveraged for deeper and faster analysis of data. Power BI was selected to visualize marketing campaign effectiveness, lead analysis and other end user reporting.  

What were the results?

One Six implemented a solution that helped the client identity effective marketing initiatives by providing lead velocity, conversion and marketing funnel information for demand analysis.  Insights were used by the marketing team and other executives to identify areas were leads were getting stuck and resolve these bottlenecks.  Organization leadership also leveraged the dashboards to easily understand revenue and expense metrics across campaigns.