B2B SaaS provider improves recurring revenue with an embedded analytics solution.


Our client wanted to create a competitive advantage for their organization by introducing an embedded business intelligence solution into their existing product.

Their previous platform had some basic reporting capabilities for their customers, but new requests for dashboards or reports often required long lead-times and were painfully slow to build for their reporting team. Simple enhancements like adding a field to a report required a clunky ticketing system.

Our client wanted to introduce a BI solution that would empower their customers to self-serve many of their data needs and free up their internal reporting team to tackle higher value tasks.

And they wanted to accomplish this in a short time frame with minimal technical coding and wanted to be able to scale the final product out to all their customers.

Could a real-time, self-serve, data reporting platform in the hands of your team members help your organization?

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Our Solution

Utilizing an agile methodology process, One Six Solutions designed, built, and implemented a modern data stack with an end-to-end Data Warehouse, data transformation capabilities, and data visualization technologies that created opportunities for insights that were previously impossible with their previous technology.

  • Data models were designed to expand reporting capabilities of the customer’s source data.
  • Initial dashboards were created to give customers a jump-start with the new BI solution and immediately start generating insights.

One Six Solutions also partnered and led training sessions with both client team members and customers of the client to create a high rate of knowledge transfer.

We also presented a new strategy for creating an additional product to sell to their customers using their new infrastructure by enabling customers to connect to secure shares of the Data Warehouse.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful cloud data architecture solutions to create the right arrangement for our client’s needs:

Snowflake was chosen as the data warehouse due to its favorable data storage, extremely fast performance, low query calculation costs and its industry leading scalability.

Matillion ETL was chosen as the ELT tool for its user-friendly drag-and-drop development interface, built-in SQL Server read/write compatibility, and its ability to build pipelines entirely based on table metadata.

Fivetran provided flexible data pipelines loading data into the Data Lake, saving time and money on data engineering development

Sisense was leveraged for data visualization, seamlessly embedding a fully white-labeled product into the client’s existing platform

ASP.NET Core framework was used along with AWS SQS messages to maintain the synchronization of accounts, security, and pipeline configurations

The Results

With the customer’s new modern data platform, and knowledge transfer, they were able to exceed their expected conversion rate 2-fold within three months of the launch of the new platform and doubled sales Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) from their customers.

Following an agile methodology process enabled the organization to launch the new platform to the market in less than six months from the start of development. The new market differentiator enabled customers to self-serve all their reporting needs and accomplish exponentially more than previously possible.

The client also expects to be able to retire their old reporting platform thanks to the capabilities of the new product.