Data analytics – manufacturing

Global electronics & automation corporation adds automated processes & analytics


A global industrial automation and electronics components corporation asked One Six Solutions to build an analytics solution for their POS system data. 

Being able to combine the client POS data with their actual customers’ POS data would allow greater visibility into sales, inventory management, and allow for more accurate forecasting.  There were also several manual reports being created on a monthly basis that would exchange several hands before they hit their end-state. 

One Six Solutions introduced an automated data solution, with potential manual intervention, that would save time for company resources and improve accuracy across the organization.

How could an automated data solution improve your business processes?

Our Solution

Improved Reporting and Data Analytics

The One Six team built out an enterprise analytics solution for the client’s POS data that allowed ad-hoc capabilities and additional insights.  This included an automated process from start to end, thorough data cleansing processes, and an analytics solution consisting of multiple reports and dashboards based on the needs of the business. 

SSIS ETL packages were built with auditing processes, automated executions, and calling several API’s for data cleansing and data supplementation processes.  Reporting and analytics were accomplished using IBM Cognos interactive reports and dashboards. 

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful Data Warehouse technology solutions to create the right arrangement for our client’s needs:

Microsoft SSIS was used to integrate, transform, and submit API calls for cleansing and data supplementation prior to loading into the Data Warehouse

SQL Server was utilized as the Data Warehouse to store the POS data in a star-schema format

Cognos Analytics provides ad-hoc reporting capabilities as well as report capabilities for additional insights and user auditing

The Results

With this enterprise solution, the business is now able to do reporting and analytics with a single source of truth offering insights to the business that were not available before.  This automated solution also dramatically reduced monthly manual processes, added data accuracy, and has saved several business resources time for other responsibilities.