Global industrial automation leader satisfies internal and customer reporting needs


Tracking performance metrics is incredibly important in the industrial sector.

No company understands this better than our client, a leader in the global industrial automation space. Responding to customer feedback, it wanted to update its systems to provide users with the ability to track performance metrics related to various processes.

Company leaders reached out to One Six Solutions for help with architecting a data warehouse solution that would effectively automate reporting on inventory metrics and guide strategic decision-making for both their customers and themselves.

Our client wanted to provide users with the ability to track performance metrics related to various processes.

Our Solution

Balancing client and customer requirements

Because the solution needed to address the needs of our client, along with its customers, One Six Solutions consulted stakeholders from both parties to determine the best course of action. From those discussions, our team was able to construct a set of business performance measures, road map the data integration plan and implement the optimal analytics platform.

We created a single platform to house our client’s inventory, customer and sales analytics data, using Microsoft SQL Server’s database management capabilities to bring the solution together. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provided a tabular model to efficiently propagate data into user-friendly Power BI dashboards and reports. 

Our team also used Power BI Embedded to incorporate high-performance capabilities into our client’s web-based, customer-facing portal.

The Results

The end result was a resounding success for our client and its customers.

Its customer base gained more access to valuable performance metrics and were able to anticipate and respond to potential problems before they worsened. Due to those experiential benefits, our client has already reported higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, on top of the greater visibility afforded by our data warehouse solution.