One Six Solutions helps flavor manufacturing company establish end-to-end ERP


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms are critical to modern business operations, especially as organizations grow and expand into new markets.

When ERP software is poorly designed and implemented, however, it can cause as many headaches as it solves. 

A flavor manufacturing company recently came to One Six Solutions with this very problem, looking for help replacing an outdated systems that could no longer support business needs and goals. Our expert team set to work creating an ERP solution that provided the usability, efficiency and functionality required and allowed key stakeholders to effortlessly manage end-to-end operations, including raw material procurement, inventory manufacturing, purchase order processing, shipping and product development.

When ERP software is poorly designed and implemented, it can cause as many headaches as it solves.

Our Solution

Redesigning the ERP environment to modern standards

Replacing an ERP solution is a major undertaking, One Six Solutions’ expertise and experience helped make implementation go as smooth as possible. Our team consulted with company leaders and employees to outline all feature, functionality and technology requirements and then custom design the right setup around those needs.

One Six selected some of the most powerful technology available today to architect and maintain the new ERP application, delivering end-to-end value for years to come:

Built using NET Core 2.2, Angular 7 and Azure SQL.

Hosted in Azure for better scalability and performance.

Includes ag-Grid to help sort, filter and edit data.

Uses Azure Active Directory to manage user authentication and authorization.

The six-month project involved not only reverse engineering a new ERP platform from scratch, but also migrating and transforming data from the previous application. 

Our team made other tweaks to boost the platform’s performance:

  • Robust search and filter functions make data more accessible.
  • Modern single page application components improves usability.
  • Automated processes remove costly and expensive manual tasks.
The Results

Although the platform is still going through the user acceptance phase, we are confident that the final released application will meet every one of our client’s needs and deliver the ERP solution they’ve been searching for.