Nonprofit builds an analytics-ready Data Warehouse

Nonprofits need data warehouse solutions that can support advanced analytics capabilities through a single, centralized environment.


Analytics can be a major boon for nonprofit organizations.
These give them insight into everything from their internal operations to donor behavior. To capitalize on that opportunity, nonprofits need Data Warehouse solutions that can support advanced analytics capabilities through a single, centralized environment.
Our nonprofit client recently came to OneSix looking for help building precisely that kind of Data Warehouse to enhance donor engagement and increase donations. Here’s what happened:



Our solution

Supporting deep-level analytics through multiple sources
The OneSix team got started by mapping out a thorough assessment of the project’s initiatives and goals, and what would be needed to meet them. We also worked with the nonprofit to outline important KPIs and metrics that the solution would capture as well as helped select a business intelligence platform that met the organization’s requirements.
The technology roadmap we laid out involved an iterative implementation, providing incremental business value over a period of four weeks, without disrupting core operations.
Our team used SQL Server as the primary platform to build out the new Data Warehouse solution. We also took advantage of SSIS for ETL to integrate a wide variety of data sources with the analytics platform, including:
Call center systems.
Google Analytics.
CRM platforms.
Third-party data providers.
In this way, our client could bring in as much valuable data as possible to feed into its analytics projects and glean more insight into donor relationships. In addition, OneSix developers built data visualizations and executive dashboards through Qlik Sense to help our client’s analytics team share their findings with non-technical users and key decision-makers.


Thanks to this new and improved Data Warehouse environment, our client can now analyze donor behavior and activity across multiple channels and product lines.
The organization has already begun to better understand how that activity – whether it’s online or offline – directly correlates with nonprofit revenue and donations.

My experience was fantastic with OneSix. They listen to your query carefully and then are able to solve your issues within the correct time frame and reasonable price. Super knowledgeable team!

Ayush J.
SEP 28 2022

One of my favorite things about One Six is their willingness to work with us on whatever we need. Early on in the project, we determined we needed an additional tactical resource instead of an advisory one, and One Six happily switched out resources for us, ensuring we had what we needed to complete the project.

Pamela E.
NOV 8 2021

They dig in and help understand the problem, how to think about it, provide the best technical options of how to solve it, then execute as quickly as possible. This is by far the best way to help me make sure we're successful, and that I know what's being done and how to support it once they're finished.

Brandon H.
OCT 20 2020

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