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Big data and advanced analytics have opened the door to exciting new opportunities for improvement and enhancement in the enterprise. Powerful data analytics can touch everything from operational efficiency and competitor analysis to customer engagement and market expansion.
All of that data needs to live somewhere, and your choice of data warehouse platform could determine the success or failure of your advanced analytics efforts. Snowflake is one of the leading data warehouse solutions available today, and with One Six Solutions' assistance, can propel your big data projects forward.

What can Snowflake do for you?

Snowflake is an incredibly powerful data warehouse platform, using a cutting-edge,multi-cluster architecture to enable the best scaling and resourcing capabilities possible. Snowflake data warehouse deployments live entirely in the cloud, so enterprises can quickly, easily, and affordably expand their analytics programs to account for increasing data demands and complex projects. Snowflake features, combined with a fully managed services layer, translates into:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • More efficient query processing
  • Dynamic, on-demand resourcing capabilities

Get the most from Snowflake with One Six Solutions

Our team has years of experience working with both on-prem and cloud-based data warehouse solutions, and we can deploy, integrate, configure and support any Snowflake implementation for optimal results.

Scale instantly without disruptions or delays

Snowflake is an inherently scalable platform thanks to its multi-cluster design. Individual clusters can be scaled up or down to support specific queries, users and applications without impacting other important workloads.

One Six Solutions further builds upon these capabilities by forging direct connections between the Snowflake platform and your organization's various business units, making it easier to transform raw data into valuable insights.

Accelerate analytics with an optimized technology stack

The most successful analytics projects tap into every available source of data and seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications and third-party software. One Six Solutions can provide the right Snowflake setup to put an optimized technology stack in place and support integration across the enterprise, including tapping into software like:

  • Business intelligence
  • Data preparation
  • Marketing, sales, and CRM platforms

Advanced data warehouse solutions for modern challenges

With Snowflake, businesses get the best of both worlds: scalable clusters that can support even the most intensive big data projects, as well as a complete SQL database to efficiently run queries. Snowflake also natively supports both structured and semi-structured data, making it an ideal fit for any organization with complex analytics demands. One Six Solutions supports Snowflake and other data warehouse solutions by:

  • Migrating data from other platforms
  • Assisting with integration needs
  • Helping your business transform itself into a mature, data driven enterprise

Examples of our Snowflake work include...

Trade Association’s Analytics Platform

Cloud technologies enable an advanced data platform at a low cost and with minimal IT management.

Trade Association

Data Lakes and Warehouses

Trade Association’s Analytics Platform

What was the problem?

Our client is the nation’s leading trade association representing the boating industry and provides data and insights to manufacturers within its membership. Their data strategy involved moving away from manual, static report building to an automated solution that supports interactive data exploration.  

How we helped?

The One Six Solutions team supported the selection and implementation of products enabling the data strategy for both the client’s membership as well as internal departments. We provided a solution that is sustainable and easy to maintain for an organization that has a small IT team.

What were some of the tools used?

The data architecture started with a custom web application for members to upload data files built using Microsoft Azure. The files were processed with validation rules and moved to Amazon S3 for initial storage. After data replication into Snowflake enabled by Fivetran, the loaded extracts were transformed via Matillion ELT to create the data model.  Power BI provided users with interactive visualizations of the industry data sets. These architecture components were automated to process data incrementally as new data arrives.    

What were the results?

Our client was empowered to manage data in the the modern analytics environment we helped create and freed to consider new problems that can be solved. The scalable solution allows the organization to operate with cost-effectiveness.  Members can explore their data against the industry now in ways previously not possible. The internal departments can  plan to build a holistic solution in the near future to analyze consumer engagement through multiple channels. Two legacy platforms and their associated maintenance costs were  sunset by the new solution.

National Autobody Retail Chain’s Analytics Platform

A cloud based analytics environment for a national auto-body retail chain enables compliance reporting and employee training measurement.


Data Analytics

National Autobody Retail Chain’s Analytics Platform

What was the problem?

Our client is one of the largest autobody and mechanical repair shops in the nation.  Their retail stores and regional managers were in need of a consolidated reporting and analytics platforms to better understand overall corporate performance, compliance adherence and training programs for their technicians.

How we helped?

The One Six team assisted the client with defining the set of KPIs across each level in the corporate hierarchy.  We worked with the CTO and COO to standardize measurement criteria so they can evaluate their performance against insurance carrier standards for the services they provide.  Interactive dashboards and reports were built allowing for on-demand analysis.

What were some of the tools used?

The Data Warehouse was built in the cloud using Snowflake as the underlying database technology operating in an AWS cloud. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online were leveraged to create compelling data visualizations to support corporate leadership, regional and retail managers in their decision making.

What were the results?

All levels of the management team down to an individual retail location were now able to consistently view their teams performance and quickly identify areas where action was required.  Compliance reporting with respect to insurance carrier metrics was available online in an easy to use dashboard with the capability to drill into as much detail as required. Corporate training was also able to leverage the reporting to identify what training programs needed to be completed and by which employees.

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