Why a Cloud-Based Data Architecture Is the Right Choice for Your Healthcare Organization



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Patient demand for access to personal health data continues to increase while healthcare organizations strive to provide improved patient outcomes. At the same time, they are facing budget constraints, interoperability issues and privacy regulations. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulates how healthcare organizations update such accessibility, keeping data safety and integrity at the forefront.

Cloud-based data architecture improves the healthcare experience for both patients and healthcare organizations. Incorporating cloud-based applications and services as part of your healthcare organization’s data architecture can help improve patient access while following HIPAA laws. Cloud-based healthcare applications also save your team time and money, simplifying the approval process.

One Six Solutions brings these solutions to your healthcare organization with a modern, cloud-based data architecture.

Reduced costs and improved scalability 

With large quantities of patient and company data coming from a multitude of sources, a cloud-based system allows your company to operate at scale and at budget.

Trying to guess the correct number of servers as well as other hardware and software needs for your organization are time-consuming and costly. A cloud data warehouse meets all of your organization’s data needs now and into the future. It allows you to scale your storage and computing power to meet your needs within minutes.

Cloud computing allows your healthcare organization to pay for the storage and services you need now, rather than continuing to struggle with legacy technology. In partnership with One Six Solutions, you ensure that your organization has the latest technology at its fingertips without incurring a greater spend.

Incorporating cloud-based applications and services also saves your team time and money by freeing your IT employees of tedious tasks such as tending to and upgrading in-house servers and deploying updates.

A simple, yet powerful cloud data warehouse such as Snowflake provides a fully managed, pay-as-you-go service that is secure. Financially, the costs are based only on the storage and compute you use.

Interoperability across the organization

Your healthcare organization’s interoperability depends on the movement of data from source systems to a centralized location for holistic analytics. Today, because of the cost-effectiveness and power of the CDW, data transformations can happen after the data is fully replicated from the source to the warehouse on a repeatable schedule by leveraging tools like Matillion.

Today’s cloud-based products provide faster and more robust capabilities for your organization than connectors custom built by consulting firms or in-house developers. With a few clicks of a button, platforms such as Fivetran or Matillion’s Data Loader provide full data replication of a wide array of applications and databases into a cloud data warehouse.

Equally important, cloud-based patient data provides interoperability with your organization’s external partners such as pharmaceutical companies, insurance claims and payments. A cloud-based approach allows information to flow seamlessly between individuals and organizations that require access to it while still protecting its sensitive nature. Therefore, healthcare delivery improves and becomes more efficient in the cloud.

Faster time to insight

Whether it is Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Sense or any number of tools in this space, cloud offerings provide a fully managed instance for a single browser-based access point for dashboards and reports.

Improved patient outcomes

One of the most important measures of healthcare is the final outcome. Patients seeking to improve that outcome require on-demand access to their healthcare information to make better life decisions.

If you’re interested in migrating your healthcare organization’s data to a personalized, cost-saving and safe platform, contact us for additional information. The team here at One Six Solutions has worked with a wide array of technologies in the healthcare data world. Our goal is to design and build an architecture that works best for you based on your organizational and business needs. Let us know how we can help.