From the boardroom to finance, marketing, and every step along the manufacturing process, we can help provide better business outcomes across your manufacturing operation, tailoring an approach that is built to meet your business needs.

Modern Data Solutions for Manufacturers.

Through our extensive work with several manufacturing customers, we have a clear understanding of how critical it is for those in the manufacturing industry to move more quickly, collaborate effectively, utilize a variety of data sources, and operate in more efficient ways.

We help manufacturers become Modern Data Organizations. Driving business growth, accelerating application development, providing access to real-time analytics, and much more.


Data Warehouse Solutions

Manufacturing organizations gather information at almost every stage of the process, from product and process design through planning, assembly, maintenance, and recycling. Data warehouses allow companies to effectively and efficiently store, analyze and report on the information gathered.

Modern Data Platform solutions give organizations the ability to quickly and efficiently gather, analyze, and interpret data from multiple data sources. Whether the focus is on improving product quality or gaining production efficiency, a single data repository will streamline the flow of data, reducing the processing time and delivering long-term efficiency gains.


Data Analytics Solutions

OneSix’s approach to manufacturing data analytics is entirely driven by our customers’ needs. We sit down with each of our clients to hear about their biggest challenges and pain points, as well as the business goals they hope to achieve in the near future. With that information in hand, we devise a data analytics solution that checks all the right boxes and can be seamlessly integrated into the organization’s existing architecture and business processes.

Our goal is to find the best data analytics service for your business, whether that’s an advanced analytics tool that takes advantage of cutting-edge predictive analytics capabilities or business intelligence software that helps shed light on the seemingly mundane inefficiencies that cost your business money on a daily basis.


Data-Native Solutions

The evolution of manufacturing processes has increased the demand for cutting-edge, cloud-based solutions. More times than not, legacy platforms lack the flexibility and efficiencies needed to keep up with modern business processes. Through our Data-Native App Services, OneSix can bring new life to your legacy applications by re-architecting, re-platforming, and re-hosting your outdated systems.


Transform your data org

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