A Modern Data Organization for logistics companies streamlines, standardizes, and automates their internal and external data management process. This allows teams to shift their focus from data management to growing and improving their business.

Building a Modern Data Organization for Logistics Companies with OneSix.

Our approach to helping logistics companies become Modern Data Organizations involves:

Creating an enterprise data strategy custom-tailored to your business

Selecting and implementing modern data platforms and tools

Implementing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to improve data-driven decision making

Modernizing data processes and teams

Building data applications with integrated analytics and utilizing advanced analytics capabilities


Enterprise Data Strategy

To help our logistics clients accelerate their path to a data-driven organization, we built a customizable strategy custom-tailored to the logistics industry.

Our team created a Modern Data Organization workshop process to help logistics firms map their path from their current state to their desired future state. This process prioritizes projects with high ROI and low risk. Our strategists will collaborate with your team to determine the most impactful projects in the short and long term. They will create a list of prioritized projects using an opportunity matrix, which will show which projects deserve investment and the best order to tackle them.


Modern Platform and Tools

Logistics companies deal with massive amounts of transactional data from multiple systems including internal Order Management Systems (OMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Yard Management Systems (YMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), HR, CRM, and finance, as well as needing to integrate with external partners, vendors, and customer systems. To remain competitive, and move freight effectively and efficiently, it is critical for logistics companies to integrate all of their systems and data sources to ensure that Core Business KPIs are defined, measured, and reported equally to all users.

OneSix has extensive experience helping logistics companies design, build, and implement Modern Data Platforms and Tools that consider all aspects of the client’s business goals to deliver robust end-to-end systems that prioritize security, scalability, and ease of use, with proven industry best practices.


Advanced Analytics

In today’s world, it has become a necessity for logistics companies to employ advanced analytics solutions that scale up quickly and tackle large complex data sets in near real-time. Predictive analytics from a single source of truth that can help with accurate forecasting, and utilize that data to grow the business and identify new revenue streams are a must-have.

Additionally, warehouse teams are not sitting at computers – they are on the floor and need data at their disposal. Embedding analytics into devices on the warehouse floor puts data-driven decision-making into the hands of your team in real time. OneSix has extensive experience delivering advanced analytics solutions for logistics companies that produce better business outcomes.

Whether your organization could benefit from embedded analytics, custom dashboards, self-serve reporting for your customers, streaming real-time data to all of your operational devices, or machine learning and AI, we can help.

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Modern Data Process & Teams

Once the data strategy is defined and modern data platforms/tools are in place, a modern data logistics organization should shift its focus to process and team structure. However, investing in the appropriate talent and support infrastructure can be difficult. Factors such as business priorities, location, bandwidth, and cost, are all common pain points that companies face when undergoing modern data process and teams initiatives.

Working with One Six provides your organization access to the technology skill sets to improve your analytics capabilities while reducing the cost of your internal IT support services, while we help train your team on your new modern data platforms and tools and ensure full adoption across your team.


Data-Native Applications

Data-native applications can help logistics companies make more informed decisions by providing real-time information and analytics, where and where a team member needs it. This can help them to anticipate and respond to changes in the market or supply chain.

OneSix is unlike most data consulting companies in that native application development is at the core of our business. We have successfully designed and built data-native applications that drive better business outcomes for logistics companies, and an array of other industries.


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