Logistics Company Achieves Near Real-Time Data Across Their Organization


In the fast-paced, hands-on, 3PL work environment, logistics companies require near real-time reporting on key metrics to track warehouse capacity as well as warehouse operation activities. 

Our 3PL client is a long-standing logistics service provider based on the east coast. With a wide array of products across consumer-packaged goods, specialty foods, food ingredients, health and personal care products, and alcoholic beverages, the task of keeping track of every pallet and case is paramount to business success.

They needed a solution that would consolidate their data, reduce maintenance overhead, and allow them to scale in size as their data needs continue to grow.

Could a real-time, self-serve, data reporting platform in the hands of your team members help your organization?

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Our Solution

One Six designed and developed automated data pipelines to easily move data from their legacy platform into a Data Lake. We created data models to handle the client’s current reporting needs and give them the flexibility to enhance them in the future. We worked with key stakeholders to develop reports that the enterprise can use for financial analysis, warehouse workload trends, and warehouse occupancy.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful cloud data platforms to create the appropriate best-of-breed solution for our client:

Snowflake’s data platform was leveraged to create a highly secure, scalable Data Lake and multi-tenant Data Warehouse environment

Fivetran provided dynamic data pipelines per customer’s unique data model, loading data into the Data Lake, saving time and money on data engineering development​

Matillion was the core data transformation tech used to integrate and cleanse an individual tenants data, loading it into the multi-tenant Data Warehouse in preparation for visual analytics

Power BI provided reports to the operations and executive leadership teams for actionable insights and trends

The Results

A modern data platform solution made near real-time data accessible to the different departments in the organization. The C-suite is able to view current and historic financial reporting, slicing and dicing the data by key business attributes to identify high-cost areas. The operational teams utilize the warehouse workload reporting to improve labor utilization, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and prioritizing warehouse activities based on high-volume tasks and deadlines.

The result is a modern, data-driven approach to tackling the complex problem-solving required in the 3PL industry.