Food solutions manufacturer improves business insights with a cloud data architecture.


A single source of truth with accurate and timely data insights across the company is critical for manufacturers.

Our client, a fine food manufacturer that provides protein and meal solutions for customers ranging from national restaurants to food service providers was utilizing a legacy data platform that relied on a difficult to maintain database and business intelligence solutions requiring heavy technical coding skills.

The existing process was very manual and prone to errors, which sometimes delayed turnaround time in responding to customers’ data requests. This process impeded the client’s ability to create new reports or aggregate reports across multiple programs for each customer. The current reporting could represent a point in time but did not easily allow for trending over time.

Is your data platform designed for your needs and built to grow with your business?

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Our Solution

Improved Reporting and Data Analytics

One Six Solutions presented a case for a modern cloud data architecture that would reduce maintenance overhead as well as the ability to scale in size and volume as their data needs continue to grow. As a decision was solidified, an end-to-end Data Lake and Data Warehouse solution was created with an initial set of analytics reporting that provided full visibility into the P&L and Balance Sheet for the finance executive team as well as a visual view of their labor data for operations leadership.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful cloud data architecture solutions to create the right arrangement for our client’s needs:

Snowflake’s data platform was leveraged to create a highly secure, scalable, and flexible Data Lake and Data Warehouse environment

Fivetran provided flexible data pipelines loading data into the Data Lake, saving time and money on data engineering development

Matillion was the core data transformation technology used to integrate and cleanse the data in preparation for visual analytics

Power BI provided reports to the operations and executive leadership teams for actionable insights and trends

The Results

With this solution and knowledge transfer, the organization is able to leverage the analytics output from our project as a template for building future reporting. A single source of truth from the cloud Data Warehouse allows the business to look at the numbers with confidence for decision making. Key financial metrics are available to view by snapshot, trends, as well as drill-down to more granular components in a visual, easy to digest method. The labor reporting has already yielded insight into better management of overtime for the workforce.