Data analytics – manufacturing

Global electronics & automation corporation provides valuable proof of concept for data streaming


A global industrial automation and electronics components corporation asked One Six Solutions to build a streaming component for their data visualization.

Providing real-time analytics provides customers the ability to make decisions on the fly. This provides an advantage over analytics that may run through a pipeline that only updates daily. Taking sensor and image data from barcodes and live streaming the results allows for a simpler demo by cutting out the lag time from traditional data analytic platforms.

One Six Solutions built a solution using the client’s hardware device as a data source and an Azure services pipeline to stream events to dashboards.

How could an automated data solution improve your business processes?

Our Solution

Faster Analysis and Analytics

The One Six team built a solution to use the client’s data generated by a medical hardware device, using a raspberry pi device as a IoT bridge and convert that data to a useful live-stream analytics dashboard using an entirely automated process.

Azure cloud components were built to ingest the data from the device, move the data through multiple components to clean the data, trigger the stream, and output the data into a Power BI dashboard built specifically for streaming analytics.

One Six Solutions use many powerful Azure Cloud components to create a successful end-to-end stream:

Azure IoT Hub was used to receive data from the device

Custom Azure Function used to convert data into the proper format for streaming purposes and send output to Azure Event Hub.

Azure Event Hub receives the data and allows for Azure Stream analytics to recognize that new data is available for streaming

Azure Stream Analytics recognizes there is new data in the Event Hub and pushes the data to Microsoft’s Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI receives data and displays in a custom dashboard to provide insights within seconds of the data being sent from the original device

The Results

With this solution, the client is now able to bring their device on the road for demos to show the functionality of their product quickly and effectively. Since the solution takes place almost entirely in the cloud, only the device to collect data and a viewing device with internet access is required to demonstrate the functionality.