Purpose-built data solutions

Each of our solutions blends the development of a bespoke strategy with our best-in-class technology implementation. By partnering with our clients to define the correct goals and levers for your business. We go to work architecting a system that allows your team to see the insight and opportunity within the infinite mountain of information.


Data Analytics

We aid orgs in asking targeted questions to analyze metrics and visualize high-value data.


Data Lakes + Warehouses

Upgrading a data warehouse is crucial. We guide you through each phase for best results.


Embedded Analytics

Delivering flexible analytics for actionable insights to your daily workflow.


Enterprise Data Strategy

Our customizable strategy offering, has been proven across multiple industries and clients.


AI & Advanced Analytics

We implement outcome-based machine learning and AI models to gain additional insights into complex data scenarios.


Logistics Company Achieves Near Real-Time Data Across Their Organization

Could a real-time, self-serve, data reporting platform in the hands of your team members help your organization?

pjl case study


Global color management and hardware manufacturer streamlines data across retailer POS systems with two-way, on-demand data sync

A global color management and hardware manufacturer was looking for a solution to several issues with their current data platform.



B2B SaaS provider improves recurring revenue with an embedded analytics solution

Our client wanted to gain a competitive advantage with their SaaS application by offering feature-rich analytics embedded into the application.

embedded software

Transform your data org

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