Third-party logistics provider gains valuable analytics insights


Global supply chains are extraordinarily complex.

They involve the synchronization of different business units, teams and organizations across the world. Errors and inefficiencies can have far-reaching effects in such environments, causing delays, inventory shortages and cost overruns.

Our client, a third-party logistics provider, wanted to eliminate operational inefficiency through the use of advanced analytics. In the process, company leaders hoped to increase employee productivity, reducing costs and improve their bottom line.

Leaning on One Six Solutions’ considerable analytics expertise for support, our client was able to successfully implement a data analytics solution that met each one of these goals.

Errors and inefficiencies can have far-reaching effects, causing delays, inventory shortages and cost overruns.

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Our Solution

Establishing a single source of truth

With data coming from so many different places along the supply chain, our client had difficulty obtaining a single source of truth across its entire operation. The goal, then, was to create a Data Warehouse solution that centralized data collection and analytics efforts. Once implemented, the Data Warehouse would act as a comprehensive repository of all employee, financial and warehouse activity data collected from one end of the supply chain to the other.

The One Six team was instrumental in every phase of the project, helping with analysis, architecture and development. We built the Data Warehouse solution on SQL Server, seamlessly integrating it with various of our client’s SQL Server databases so it could extract and compile data from different areas of the organization.

We worked alongside our client’s executive leadership to develop a reporting platform that could accurately gauge employee productivity using standardized KPIs and metrics. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server provided the user-friendly data visualizations, dashboards and reporting capabilities needed to share analytics insights with key decision-makers and other business users. Our developers also greatly consolidated general ledger financials using the warehouse management system’s activity/picking tools.

A SQL Server Data Warehouse provided reliable storage for both raw and aggregated data

Data from various ERP systems was integrated with SSIS for ETL

Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop were utilized to process terabytes of data in seconds to analyze sales and inventory KPIs for upper management

The Results

With this new, sophisticated Data Warehouse solution in place, our client has gained far more insight into its own operational performance.

Company leaders have more visibility into productivity, efficiency and expenses across the entire organization. Thanks to One Six Solutions, our client has the governance and oversight needed to minimize costs, provide a better customer experience and do more with less.