Global consulting organization moves pricing application to the cloud

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The cloud has quickly become a ubiquitous presence in the business world, providing flexibility, scalability, resiliency and significant cost savings.

Making the move to the cloud is a major undertaking for any organization, especially when core business processes are tied to on-prem systems and architecture.

One Six Solutions recently helped a global consulting organization transfer its legacy pricing application to a cloud-based platform. Some of the primary goals of this initiative included consolidating internal data, enabling stakeholders to share pricing data, increasing the visibility of aggregated pricing data and reducing dependencies on internal applications.

Here’s what happened next.

One Six Solutions helped a global consulting organization transfer its legacy pricing application to a cloud-based platform.

Our Solution

Building a comprehensive, cloud-based pricing application

One Six Solutions helped our client tackle the many complex processes required to transition legacy pricing software and processes to the cloud. Our team architected and built many pieces of the application’s orchestration, including:

  • Microservices.
  • Pricing calculation results.
  • Reference data lookups.
  • Various user interfaces.

One Six engineers were also instrumental in moving large parts of the pricing application from its legacy implementation to the new cloud-based architecture. This was a highly delicate process, as the application was still being used in production while our team re-architected and transferred parts of it, including application data, to the cloud.

Working with the client’s internal team, One Six Solutions implemented some of the latest software development and cloud-based technology to bring this project to fruition:

AWS Lambda was used to build the microservices application

Amazon’s DynamoDB stored most of the application data

Kotlin, .NET, Angular 2 and Node were used to create the UI applications

Elastic Beanstalk hosted the UI software

The Results

The application is still being piloted with various business units, but the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Pricing visibility and accuracy have markedly improved, and our client plans to roll out the cloud-based application to more users every quarter.