Data-Native Applications

Modern Data Org's key insights are not constrained to executive level dashboards but disseminated to employees through apps and embedded analytics, allowing employees to take immediate action without needing to leave their day-to-day work. Highly relevant, outcome-centric insights are available at all levels of the organization, and automated workflows are initiated when important events happen. OneSix can help you get there.


Embedded Analytics

We aid orgs in asking targeted questions to analyze metrics and visualize high-value data.


Data-Native Workflows

Upgrading a data warehouse is crucial. We guide you through each phase for best results.


Data Visualizations + Distribution

Delivering flexible analytics for actionable insights to your daily workflow.


Data Management Screens + Tools

We build cloud-native apps that give organizations a faster time to market, and reduced risk.


Cross Platform Notifications

Let us be the experts upgrade your outdated technologies and concepts.


Global pharmaceutical manufacturer launches next-gen clinical testing solution

One of our clients in the pharmaceutical space needed to augment its development team to architect and develop software for its next-generation diagnostics and clinical testing equipment.

pharmaceutical app dev


Custom back-office application improves flavor manufacturer’s operations

Our client needed to update their back-office application to better support the company’s growth and business goals.



Mid-sized software products company replaces unreliable internal application

One of our clients recently reached its breaking point with its internal licensing application.


Transform your data org

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