Mid-sized software products company replaces unreliable internal application


Even software companies sometimes need help with their internal applications.

They especially need help when dealing with legacy platforms that are no longer supported by their original developers. One of our clients recently reached its breaking point with its internal licensing application. The firm relied on this software to run automated queries related to customer activity and product use. But the application was written in legacy ColdFusion and lacked any kind of support from dedicated internal staff.

As a result, the software was unstable, crashing frequently and necessitating periodic restarts. It was effectively unsupportable and would never be a long-term solution for the firm. One Six Solutions stepped in to help engineer a solution that would put an end to these headaches once and for all.

Businesses especially need help when dealing with legacy platforms that are no longer supported by their original developers.

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Our Solution

Building a more viable solution from the ground up

The first step was to reverse-engineer the application and map out a more sustainable alternative solution. Once that was done, our team set to work rebuilding a maintainable version of the application that could be easily supported by the firm’s IT department.

Since many of the company’s production teams were already using ASP.NET Web API to develop their software products, it was a natural choice for our project. We used that toolset to build the new application, writing the code in C#.

We reverse engineered the application which had limited documentation

The application was rebuilt in .NET using ASP.NET

The Results

The new and improved software has been a source of major relief for our client’s IT department.

Staff members no longer have to babysit an unreliable application prone to catastrophic crashes and other performance issues. They have been able to hand the reins over to a dedicated product development team, freeing up IT to focus on more strategic work.

From the end-user perspective, the transition has been absolutely seamless, maintaining continuity from the old application to this new version. Licensing queries now run correctly every time they are executed.

With One Six Solutions’ guidance, our client was finally able to fix this ongoing issue and address one of its biggest pain points.