Healthcare nonprofit launches comprehensive web application


Corporate America isn’t the only one that can benefit from analytics and reporting.

The nonprofit sector can glean just as many valuable insights from their stores of data.

Case in point: our client, a healthcare nonprofit that educates parents on how to harness the power of their words to improve their children’s brain development. The organization knew there was a better way to track the performance of its overarching mission, including tracking parent meetings and generating reports to gauge the program’s progress.

In addition, our client wanted to implement a web application that would streamline and simplify scheduling meetings and delivering educational materials to parents. One Six Solutions was able to build a platform that met all of these needs, giving the nonprofit more visibility into its program.

The nonprofit sector can glean just as many valuable insights from their stores of data.

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Our Solution

Building the right solution for nonprofit needs

One Six Solutions helped with every phase of the new platform’s development and implementation, including business analysis, project management, custom application development, data integration and reporting. Our team custom-built a survey platform, including more than 75 detailed assessments to track the progress of program participants.

During the course of the project, we had to take into account the fact that some educational modules would be completed in person in locations where connectivity may be limited. With that in mind, our team employed both online and offline capabilities (using IndexedDB and a custom Google Chrome app) that would allow nonprofit trainers to deliver educational materials while on the go. They could sync collected data and parent feedback with the platform at a later time once connectivity improved.

The admin and scheduling parts of the application were built in .NET using ASP.NET and Razor

The modules and educational materials were deployed as a Chrome extension to take advantage of large amounts of offline storage

Data was stored in SQL Server

Reporting was built using SQL Server Reporting Services

The Results

With One Six Solution’s assistance, our client now has a comprehensive web platform to help manage its entire educational program.

The web application facilitates scheduling and material delivery while also providing crystal-clear visibility into all deliverables and generating valuable performance reports.