Healthcare product company gets a handle on data sprawl


It’s easy to forget how big “big data” can really be.

Large organizations produce vast quantities of data every day, sometimes with no practical way to capture, organize and store it all.  The result: unwieldy data sprawl that prevents organizations from fully capturing a complete view of their operations.

As a healthcare education, product and technology firm, our client was no stranger to these barriers. It generated massive amounts of data, but had no central repository to organize that data and report on it across the enterprise.

One Six Solutions helped create a data warehouse solution that could put an end to our client’s data sprawl problems and establish a foundation to support ongoing analytics efforts.

Unwieldy data sprawl can prevent organizations from fully capturing a complete view of their operations.

Our Solution

Feeding analytics through one Data Warehouse solution

Because our client produced so much data, One Six Solutions used a centralized Data Lake approach to effectively house and manage its numerous, high-volume data sources. Our team helped define the data collection and aggregation strategy, as well as develop the solution’s information architecture.

Treasure Data’s cloud-based data management platform served as the basis for the Data Lake implementation and helped our team set up the automation needed to streamline data capture and aggregation across the enterprise.

With user-friendly dashboards and visualizations built through Tableau (leveraging data directly from the Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse) our client has the tools to easily generate reports for key stakeholders and guide strategic decision-making.

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The Results

The new Data Warehouse solution can house and aggregate billions of rows of data to support end users in an on-demand capacity.

The speed and agility of our client’s analytics capabilities have been greatly increased as a result of this new data lake implementation. Business analysts can report on operational performance related to sales, marketing, advertising and much more.

Thanks to One Six Solutions’ help, our client is well-positioned to expand and refine its analytics efforts in the future, continuing to produce valuable insights that produce better business outcomes.