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Regenerative medicine company improves data-driven decision making across the organization


A regenerative medicine company specializing in placental-derived products was in the process of a technology transition.

The company implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central as their new CRM and ERP platform to track sales and accounts receivable.

Their new platform unlocked troves of new data that opened a new future for their business, one that is rooted in analytical insights and data-driven decision making. But, in order to get a valuable ROI for their system upgrade, they needed a self-service reporting platform to take advantage of their newfound data assets.

How could self-service access to analytical insights across your organization improve your bottom line?

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Our Solution

One Six Solutions developed a suite of reporting tools within PowerBI to equip the company with the data they needed to improve their bottom line.

Sales: A collection of sales-related data visualizations provides insight into performance at a salesperson, region, product, and customer level.
Finance: Accounts receivable could now be tracked at an enterprise level, quickly pointing out customers with high levels of aging invoices.

Self-service data enablement was built in, enabling access to clean, curated datasets and reporting insights to all team members, from any device. Row level security settings open the door to insights beyond the C-Suite, allowing individual salespeople to securely log in and see their own revenue growth, identify cross-sell opportunities at a product level, or profile important customers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM/ERP platform brought new data streams previously unavailable to C-suite leadership and front-line sales teams.

Azure Active Directory was utilized as a direct channel for granting access and establishing secure, row-level data security settings.

A suite of PowerBI reports enables insights into key revenue growth strategies and streamlines operations.

The Results

With this highly interactive, foundational reporting structure, the client is now primed to create a culture of data-driven decision making. The sales team can see their performance and drill down into a variety of different data points to help set strategy. The accounting team has a one stop shop for both tracking their accounts receivable at a high level and accessing line item level datasets that can be integrated into existing workflows without disrupting operations. The new reporting structure will allow the company yield immediate ROI on their system upgrade by having reporting live immediately as they transition to their new CRM/ERP system.