Digital health company improves insights into member behaviors


A digital health company was looking to better handle their customers’ needs in providing insights into member behaviors within their texting programs.

Our client provides their customers with various metrics with regards to the participation and engagement in their many texting program offerings. As requests come in for new information and/or slight variations in existing reports, our client needed a better way to meet these requests.

The existing process was very manual and prone to errors, which sometimes delayed turnaround time in responding to customers’ data requests. This process impeded the client’s ability to create new reports or aggregate reports across multiple programs for each customer. The current reporting could represent a point in time but did not easily allow for trends over time.

The question remains for many businesses: What do they do once they have that data?

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Our Solution

Improved Reporting and Data Analytics

One Six Solutions designed and built a Data Warehouse that could handle the client’s current and future needs in both reporting and data analytics. We created a data model that could handle today’s reporting needs while allowing the flexibility to add on later. Using Fivetran, we brought their source data, SQL Server and DynamoDB, into a Snowflake database. Using Matillion, we built a fully automated ETL process with fewer steps and a faster turnaround time to provide up-to-date data. The reporting and analytics are now available in Power BI.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful Data Warehouse technology solutions to create the right arrangement for our client’s needs:

Fivetran was leveraged to fully replicate data from AWS DynamoDB and SQL Server on RDS to a Data Warehouse

Matillion was used to efficiently and quickly transform source data into an appropriate schema for reporting needs

Snowflake was utilized as the Data Warehouse to store engagement and messaging data

Power BI provided the internal and customer facing reports for actionable insights and trends

The Results

The client is now able to present trends over time through one or more programs depending on customer. This process allows them to scale up to meet their customers’ growing reporting needs while handling new requirements going forward. They are able to setup a dashboard customized for each of their customers, sourced from Power BI datasets.