Modern Data Process + Team

Modern Data Orgs have implemented a modern data architecture that’s tailored to the unique needs of their people, instilling a culture where data is seen as a reliable tool for decision making. Their business processes are a source of data analysis and, more importantly, are influenced by data insights. Data generation is a focus, employees reflect on core processes to evaluate whether they are generating accurate data and whether the organization's success and gaps are identifiable. OneSix can help you get there.


Business Process Improvement

We aid orgs in asking targeted questions to analyze metrics and visualize high-value data.


Data Literacy and Trust

Upgrading a data warehouse is crucial. We guide you through each phase for best results.


Risk and Compliance Automation

Delivering flexible analytics for actionable insights to your daily workflow.


Governance + Code of Conduct

We build cloud-native apps that give organizations a faster time to market, and reduced risk.


Logistics provider improves decision-making with a new modern data architecture

Our client needed a solution that would consolidate their data, reduce maintenance overhead, and allow them to scale in size as their data needs continued to grow.



Banking institution consolidates customer data with Master Data Management solution

Our client's team members did not have any insight into the customer relationship across the bank, thus hindering their ability to make critical financial decisions.

leader bank case study


Healthcare software provider upgrades their SaaS application with embedded, feature-rich analytics

Our client wanted to gain a competitive advantage with their SaaS application by offering feature-rich analytics embedded into the application.

embedded software

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