Healthcare software provider upgrades their SaaS application with embedded, feature-rich analytics.


Our client wanted to gain a competitive advantage with their SaaS application by offering feature-rich analytics embedded into the application.

Existing analytics was driven off the single-tenant operational databases using complex SQL statements that could not be reused across customers due to the different data models per customer. Any needed changes were restricted by the legacy approach that required extensive labor and testing to enhance. The application experienced severe performance issues.

A scalable solution was needed to expose the trove of data for customers that could be easily integrated into their application.

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Our Solution

One Six Solutions designed an end-to-end automated framework to load multi-model databases per customer into a Data Lake and transformed that into a multi-tenet Data Warehouse addressing Cases, Authorizations, To-do lists, and Compliance threshold reporting.

  • All new tools and platforms were introduced that would help automate new customer loads by using a simple control table
  • A live connection to the data warehouse using the powerful Snowflake engine served embedded analytics using Sisense visualization.
  • Complex security model was simplified via 2 security tables that allowed bi-directional integration between Sisense and the SaaS application.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful cloud data architecture solutions to create the right arrangement for our client’s needs:

Snowflake’s data platform was leveraged to create a highly secure, scalable Data Lake and multi-tenant Data Warehouse environment

Fivetran provided dynamic data pipelines per customer’s unique data model, loading data into the Data Lake, saving time and money on data engineering development​

Matillion was the core data transformation technology used to integrate and cleanse single-tenant data to load in the multi-tenant Data Warehouse in preparation for visual analytics

Sisense was leveraged for data visualization, seamlessly embedding a fully white-labeled product into the client’s existing platform

The Results

A robust, scalable, and feature-rich data solution was integrated into the client’s SaaS application requiring minimal effort to enhance per future customer needs. 

The highlight was to deliver a single warehouse and transformation architecture that catered to the multiple versions of their applications and customers subscribing to one of those different versions. Intelligence was designed in Matillion transformations for this approach.

The SaaS application performance improved as analytics was driven off a separate database and not contending for resources off their main application.

One Six was termed as one of their easiest vendors to work with.