B2B SaaS provider creates a new revenue stream with embedded BI solution for their platform.


Our client wanted to revamp their existing reporting and create a new advanced reporting revenue stream by embedding a BI solution into their web application.

Their previous platform was developed in-house and difficult to support. Additional requests for data and reports had to been supported with another tool and consumed much of the customer support team’s time.

Our client wanted to retire both reporting tools and provide clients with better insights into their data by allowing direct database access to incorporate into existing workflows and reporting solutions.

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Our Solution

One Six Solutions built new custom data pipelines to efficiently move the large volume of their production data into the cloud, in order to create a modern data stack that could be levered with their new technologies.

Sigma was seamlessly embedded within the existing web app, and existing reports were sunset to use the new reporting capabilities. New data sets were also created to increase accountability and decrease development time for new custom reporting requests in the future.

Data sharing within Snowflake was implemented to give clients direct access to their data without the need for reports to the ServiceCore team and the use of another tool. This enables their clients the full flexibility to use and manipulate the data as they see fit.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful cloud data architecture solutions to create the right arrangement for our client’s needs:

Snowflake was chosen as the data warehouse due to its favorable data storage, extremely fast performance, low query calculation costs and its industry leading scalability.

A combination of AWS, Snowflake and Terraform were used to create an in-house ETL process to limit costs and provide a workflow that could fit into existing Dev/Ops procedures.

Sigma was leveraged for data visualization, seamlessly embedding a fully white-labeled product into the client’s existing platform

The Results

With the customer’s new modern data platform, they were able to generate a new tiered revenue stream that fits the needs and market size of their clients with a handful of clients already using the direct database access.

The customer was able to retire existing tools and licensing fees and the reporting stack was simplified.

The data stack created will continue to be further leveraged in the future for more internal business reporting needs.