Software firm accelerates data-driven reporting


Manual reporting processes can be time-consuming, error-prone and difficult to manage.

In the end, they may not even produce the benefits that businesses are looking for – namely, actionable insight into every aspect of business operations that can guide strategic decision-making.

One of our clients working in the asset management and software monetization space recently came to One Six Solutions looking for help in replacing its manual reporting tools with a solution better suited for fast-paced analytics.

Our team set to work developing a data warehouse solution that would effectively accelerate internal reporting and deliver valuable insights faster than ever.

Manual reporting may not even produce the benefits that businesses are looking for.

Our Solution

Shining a light on performance concerns

Work began with One Six Solutions engineers analyzing our client’s existing data systems and data warehouse environment. We also consulted with the company’s executive leadership to define KPIs and other metrics that would accurately gauge operational performance and its impact on the customer experience.

Our team used Microsoft SQL Server tools such as SSIS for ETL to integrate the company’s data warehouse with its various data sources, including Salesforce, Microsoft Excel and multiple SQL databases. SQLServer Analysis Services provided the foundation to construct a tabular model and calculate reporting metrics. We also built a Support Insights dashboard with Microsoft Power BI to help our client’s users create reports and data visualizes and share them with other stakeholders.

The Results

As a result of these efforts, our client is now able to clearly spot areas of the business where performance levels are not meeting expectations.

To date, the company’s support team and management have used these insights to resolve operational bottlenecks and improve customer relationships.

Interactive data visualizations have also made it easier for analytics-based insights to be shared with key decision-makers who are in the best position to take action. With One Six Solutions’ help, our client can now let hard data drive its decision-making and improve every aspect of its internal processes.