Commercial printer unlocks data visibility barriers with One Six Solutions


Modern businesses and their supply chains are incredibly complex.

They often stretch across multiple systems, platforms, business units and, often, markets. There are numerous opportunities for things to go wrong and for errors at one end of a workflow to cause problems that ripple across the entire organization. 

One of our clients – a commercial printer – experienced these kinds of issues firsthand. Looking to achieve end-to-end efficiency and visibility across its entire operational footprint, from order entry through shipping, the company reached out to One Six Solutions for help.

Errors at one end of a workflow can cause problems that ripple across the entire organization.

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Our Solution

Placing data warehouse needs under a single roof

Fractured data storage platforms are a huge obstacle to capturing a complete view of any organization, and stand in the way of data analytics efforts. One Six Solutions worked with our client to establish a data warehouse solution that collected information from disparate systems and databases. Our team integrated order data from multiple sources including order entry, planning, shop floor and shipping data, giving our client a single, consolidated view of every order from start to finish.  

We also designed user-friendly dashboards to help employees quickly and easily track down and address issues in the order process flow. 

A SQL Server database serves as the central Data Warehouse, pulling information from numerous sources like Hybrid and Radius manufacturing planning and process control systems. One Six Solutions built Qlik Sense dashboards and data models to support data retrieval and analysis.

Data Warehouse was built leveraging SQL Server as the core data platform

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) performed all ETL for data cleansing and transformation as part of building the Data Warehouse

Qlik Sense was the data visualization layer leveraged by multiple departments to drive data-based decision making

The Results

The right tech delivers true value

Soon after implementation, multiple teams began incorporating those dashboards into their daily assignments and saw a dramatic improvement in their internal processes. For instance, the proofing team cut order turnaround times in half within the first 6 months of using their dashboard. With durable monitors installed on shipping floors and displaying up-to-date metrics, our client’s shipping department can track its performance on an hourly basis.

As more business units work these dashboards into their workflows, operational efficiency will only climb higher.