OneSix has extensive experience implementing Sisense for a variety of use cases. Whatever your project needs and challenges may be, OneSix has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help. Check out our Sisense solutions below and discover more about how OneSix can help.

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A strong player in the embedded analytics space, Sisense provides a highly extensible analytics platform that helps drive quality insights from data assets.

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Check out our Sisense solutions below and discover more about how OneSix can help. When you are ready, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and offer a free Sisense consultation.

Plan + Assess


  • Determine the right-sized data initiative to build an end-to-end data product for analysis in Sisense
  • Identify the critical metrics and KPIs that align with goals that will be foundational to your analytics
  • Enable agile development through continuous feedback between the right stakeholders and builders
  • Learn when it makes sense to deploy Sisense in your cloud or on-premise environment vs a managed service (Sisense Cloud).

Integrate + Architect


  • Evaluate the quality, accessibility, and availability of data and related source systems
  • Understand the value of a central repository for data vs connecting siloed systems directly to Sisense
  • Define a consistent method of creating data pipelines that underpin your data platform
  • Know when to layer in data transformations in the database vs report
  • Build security and access control in Sisense for both internal and external use cases using native and add-on features

Collaborate + Optimize


  • Monitor data quality, performance, and usage to identify any issues or areas for improvement
  • Learn to certify curated data sources for wider enterprise usage
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration through integrating Sisense with Infusion Apps (e.g., Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Slack)
  • Implement people processes to deploy and enhance Sisense dashboards

Train + Enable


  • Customize training programs to align with your organization’s specific industry
  • Attend workshops and hands-on sessions to upskill your team’s Sisense capabilities – Blox, Notebooks, Elasticubes (Data Modeling), and more
  • Learn to troubleshoot performance challenges by tuning data sources and visualizations
  • Define development standards and best practices for deployments
  • Discover intermediate/advanced data modeling, embedding/customizing options, and AI/ML features and workflows available in Sisense

Enbedded analytics projects delivered




Because we take the time to understand our customer’s businesses, we have also gained extensive experience in an array of industries, and a keen understanding of how companies can gain an advantage in their industry by implementing Sisense for their business and technology environment. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or how large your market footprint is. If you have a technology-related problem, we want to hear from you. Explore some of the incredible results we have helped our customers achieve with Sisense.

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