Multi-site construction and program management firm builds multi-tenant analytics program


Vendors and service providers that sell to large enterprises and corporations are constantly under pressure to meet customer demands, no matter how taxing they may be.

As one of the leading construction and program management firms in the world, our client is no stranger to those challenges. It works with some of the largest multi-site retailers across the globe, helping them to manage and track information related to their capital construction projects.

Wanting to provide customers with more visibility into these operations, our client recently reached out to One Six Solutions for help revamping its data analytics platform. Here’s what happened:

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Our Solution

One Six Solutions’ analytics expertise guides project development

The goal of the project was to create a customer-facing analytics platform that could serve the needs of a wide variety of companies. That would include building visually rich and highly interactive dashboards for end users to manipulate and disseminate important reports throughout their organizations. To facilitate that objective, One Six Solutions built a data platform that automated various processes, including data collection, and seamlessly integrated numerous data sources.

Our team worked with the executive leadership team to outline the scope of the project, defining requirements, creating KPIs and building the technological foundation needed to support a multi-tenant platform for years to come.

Microsoft Power BI played a significant role in the project, establishing the basis for the analytics platform. Its DAX, Power Query and Power Pivot tools were used to build user-friendly, client-facing dashboards and reporting capabilities. Since our client was relatively unfamiliar with the Microsoft analytics environment, it leaned heavily on One Six Solutions to provide architecture, development and design expertise to craft the world-class data visualization platform it required.

Power BI enabled interactive dashboards and reports to executive leadership

DAX and Power Query were leveraged to cleanse the data and consolidate multiple Excel data files into a single data store

The Results

The resulting data analytics solution has been a resounding success, giving our client a compelling brand differentiator to stand above the competition.