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Trade association opens new analytics possibilities


Data is as good as gold for today’s businesses – unless that data is trapped in silos and slowed by manual processes.

Our client is one of the leading trade associations representing the boating industry, with numerous manufacturers relying on it to provide useful data and actionable insights.

Here’s how One Six Solutions helped unlock its analytics possibilities and deliver more value than ever to its discerning membership.

Our Solution

Delivering scalable, automated analytics

Our team identified a combination of software tools to transition away from a data strategy relying on manual static reports and instead move toward a fully integrated, automated solution that supports interactive data exploration. Those included:

The Results

Paving the way for analytics excellence

With One Six Solutions’ help, our client was able to bring its data analytics strategy in line with the latest best practices:

  • Automated processes empower employees to solve problems and realize valuable insights faster than ever before.
  • Cloud-hosted solutions allow for cost-effective scalability to meet user demand.
  • The technological foundation has been laid to build a holistic unified solution in the future.
  • Two legacy platforms were replaced by the new solution, eliminating their associated maintenance and operational costs.

Our client’s ready to face whatever challenges or problems come their way now that they have a sophisticated, best-in-class data analytics solution in place.

Our client was able to bring its data analytics strategy in line with the latest best practices.