Agile Software Development

Modern data organizations require custom software solutions that are tailor-fit a business’s unique needs and challenges.

Designing and building custom software solutions that consistently deliver better business outcomes requires a proven process with the flexibility and adaptability to tailor-fit a business’s unique needs and challenges.  One Six Solutions provides exactly that with our Custom Software Engineering Process.

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Agile Software Development Process

Our software engineering methodology from initial discovery to rollout and transition is focused on achieving your business goals.

We work to gain a true understanding of your unique business, considering your existing business and technology environments, infrastructure, and IT vision to create custom applications tailored to you.

We guide your organization through business-centric decisions around user compliance, risk management, collaboration, workflows, etc. using our experience with building software that businesses run on.


Leveraging agile methodologies and a cloud-first mindset we build modern applications that give organizations a faster time to market, better scalability, and reduced risk.


Initial Discovery

The key to building successful custom software is starting with a clear understanding of your current business objectives and challenges, from the organizational level down to day-to-day user activities. We do this through a process that starts with identifying a group of key stakeholders, followed by a series of detailed conversations to understand their current usage, pain points, and recommendations. When necessary, we will shadow users performing their daily tasks to better understand the challenges and opportunities, specifically how technology can enable them to spend more time bringing value and less time on process.

At this stage, we uncover what technologies are currently in use and what the current IT vision is. And since we are technology agnostic, you can rest assured that we will recommend, and have experience working with and building, software that fits your organization’s technology stack and vision roadmap.

Systems Design

It is important that any application we build for our clients seamlessly integrates into their existing IT infrastructure. Based on your organizational needs, we recommend a technical architecture that fits into your broader system. This will include the application development stack, cloud recommendations, hardware, and user level security, regulatory and compliance specifics, etc.


We use agile methodologies to deliver working code in a production environment to foster real feedback from key stakeholders. Pure agile delivery focuses on iterating on software based on the team’s velocity and feedback loops, while adjusting scope and timeline to match. The challenge in delivering project-based consulting work is that delivery time and budgets matter. Our approach strikes a balance between feedback loops and budget constraints.

Our deep experience in developing business applications allows us to recommend best practices and custom processes for your business. Some considerations that we build upon are:

  1. User compliance and risk management
  2. Collaboration
  3. Workflows
  4. Data gathering and reporting


We work with your team to make sure all technical decisions are in line with your organization’s vision and that your internal teams are bought into the direction. After building the application we hand over the code, artifacts, and documentation transitioning to your team for long-term maintenance.

My experience was fantastic with OneSix. They listen to your query carefully and then are able to solve your issues within the correct time frame and reasonable price. Super knowledgeable team!

Ayush J.
SEP 28 2022

One of my favourite things about One Six is their willingness to work with us on whatever we need. Early on in the project, we determined we needed an additional tactical resource instead of an advisory one, and One Six happily switched out resources for us, ensureing we had what we needed to complete the project.

Pamela E.
NOV 8 2021

They dig in and help understand the problem, how to think about it, provide the best technical options of how to solve it, then execute as quickly as possible. This is by far the best way to help me make sure we're successful, and that I know what's being done and how to support it once they're finished.

Brandon H.
OCT 20 2020

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