Leader Bank achieves a true 360° view of their customers

What benefits could your banking institution realize with a single source of truth for all of your data?


To maintain a competitive edge, community banks need to have a deep understanding of customer behavior and preferences. Leader Bank, like many financial institutions, faced a common challenge: fragmented systems and data silos. They had separate platforms for commercial lending, residential lending, and core banking operations, with little interaction between them. This siloed approach made it incredibly difficult to establish a comprehensive view of their customers.
Back-office processes were cumbersome, and customer support teams found it challenging to provide efficient service due to a lack of unified customer data. To compound matters, data quality issues, including inconsistent naming conventions and formats, added complexity to the situation.
C360 – Challenges Community Banks Face

Our solution

OneSix partnered with Leader Bank to tackle these issues head-on, devising a comprehensive solution that aimed to provide a holistic view of each customer. The key components of this solution included:

— Master Data Management (MDM) Strategy: OneSix developed a robust MDM strategy to standardize data across the organization, ensuring consistent naming conventions and formats. This laid the foundation for accurate data integration.

— Cloud-Based Data Infrastructure: To create a unified platform for customer data, OneSix implemented a cloud-based Data Lake and Data Warehouse. This allowed for the storage and processing of vast amounts of data from different systems in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

— Rules Engine: A rules engine was introduced to automate data validation, cleansing, and transformation. This ensured that data was accurate, up-to-date, and adhered to the defined standards.

The goal of these components was to establish a common data platform where information from various systems could seamlessly integrate. This would enable Leader Bank to tie together customer interactions, track their history, and gain valuable insights for personalized marketing and improved customer service.


The implementation of the Customer 360 solution brought about significant positive changes:

— Improved Customer Service: With a unified view of customer data, the bank’s support teams could quickly identify callers and access their interaction history. This streamlined the support process, leading to improved service and reduced call handling time.

— Data-Driven Marketing: The marketing team gained access to valuable insights from the unified data platform. This allowed them to create targeted campaigns and personalized offers, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

— Enhanced Data Quality: The MDM strategy and rules engine led to improved data quality. Data inconsistencies were eliminated, resulting in more reliable and accurate information for decision-making.

— Streamlined Processes: Back-office processes were streamlined, reducing operational inefficiencies. This led to cost savings and increased productivity across the organization.

— Increased Customer Satisfaction: With improved service and personalized experiences, customers were more satisfied, leading to stronger customer loyalty and potential for business growth.


My experience was fantastic with OneSix. They listen to your query carefully and then are able to solve your issues within the correct time frame and reasonable price. Super knowledgeable team!

Ayush J.
SEP 28 2022

One of my favorite things about One Six is their willingness to work with us on whatever we need. Early on in the project, we determined we needed an additional tactical resource instead of an advisory one, and One Six happily switched out resources for us, ensuring we had what we needed to complete the project.

Pamela E.
NOV 8 2021

They dig in and help understand the problem, how to think about it, provide the best technical options of how to solve it, then execute as quickly as possible. This is by far the best way to help me make sure we're successful, and that I know what's being done and how to support it once they're finished.

Brandon H.
OCT 20 2020

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