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Global events and services provider discovers valuable financial insights


Financial health and awareness is fundamental.

It enables organizations to behave relative to their current monetary standing and focus on future growth with a more practical eye. Companies who do not have a solid grasp on their fiscal place within the market are susceptible to a cash-flow squeeze at the most inopportune times.

Our client, a global events and services provider, wanted to understand their current financial position within the industry through the use of business intelligence and advanced analytics. The goal from upper management was to capture key accounting insights, improve their budgeting estimations, and strengthen their decision making process for future event projects.

With this objective in mind One Six Solutions was able to offer an array of analytical expertise and build a series of interactive and informative reports that met all management’s goals.

Companies who do not have a solid grasp on their fiscal place within the market are susceptible to a cash-flow squeeze at the most inopportune times.

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Our Solution

Create visually appealing and actionable reports

Prior to architecting a process for building structured reports, our client had difficulty analyzing and understanding their financial data across their global events and clientele. The goal was to design a methodical and repeatable process for creating reports in Power BI using relational data from SQL Server. Once implemented, developers would be able to build, publish, and share reports across departments and offices using near real-time data from their data warehouse.

The One Six team was crucial in every phase of the project. The team worked closely with the lead data architect to model source data and transform the tables to support working reports inside Power BI. After the data had been conditioned for reporting and analysis, One Six designed user templates and built the initial in-depth financial report for all incoming events and orders.

The reporting platform tracked key financial metrics, standard KPIs, and recorded performance levels across multiple lines of business. On top of the platform the team built filters using complex DAX formulas to slice numerical data by date, location, venue, and account executive. Power BI Desktop and Service provided the user-friendly data visualizations, reports, and dashboard capabilities needed to reveal and share analytics insights with key decision-makers and other business users.

Data Warehouse leveraged SQL Server to store all financial, sales, and employee data

Power BI served as the data visualization tool to display key metrics and firm-wide KPIs within dashboards and reports

SQL and DAX harnessed Power BI’s Power Query and Data Modeling capabilities to develop calculations collected from multiple departments

The Results

Thanks to the newly created reporting platform, our client can now analyze event profitability across multiple locations and refocus their efforts on more fiscally rewarding endeavours. The company has begun to look at their strengths and concentrate their efforts on events with higher returns and increased profits.