Global software company revamps marketing analytics program

Not all decision-makers have sufficient familiarity and experience with analytics programs


Data is essential to creating and managing successful marketing strategies, dictating every aspect of campaign development and execution.

Not all decision-makers have sufficient familiarity and experience with analytics programs, however, putting the onus on marketing analysts to package data and insights in a fashion that makes sense to every important stakeholder.

Our client, a global IT software and security solutions company specializing in asset management and software monetization, worked with OneSix to implement an analytics solution that produced more valuable insights to drive marketing strategies to new heights of success.


Our solution

Devising a solution to meet marketing needs.

The OneSix team assessed our client’s requirements and existing data warehouse capabilities to determine the best solution to meet their needs. We implemented a variety of software tools to create a cutting-edge marketing analytics program:

SQL Server 2016


SQL Server Analysis Services

Power BI

Our team also worked with our client’s senior leadership to map out the most relevant KPIs to their business goals.

Technologies implemented


Measuring marketing performance with greater accuracy.

Since implementing OneSix’s analytics tools, our client has been able to identify, design, and support more effective marketing initiatives, as well as capture more telling metrics like lead velocity and conversions.

The marketing team used those valuable insights to identify bottlenecks in the marketing funnel where sales prospects failed to move closer to a purchasing decision. With that information in hand, our client can shift strategies and efforts to remove those roadblocks and produce more qualified leads.

Thanks to OneSix’s help, our client has the visibility and analytics capabilities needed to maximize marketing performance, drive sales and generate more revenue.


My experience was fantastic with OneSix. They listen to your query carefully and then are able to solve your issues within the correct time frame and reasonable price. Super knowledgeable team!

Ayush J.
SEP 28 2022

One of my favorite things about One Six is their willingness to work with us on whatever we need. Early on in the project, we determined we needed an additional tactical resource instead of an advisory one, and One Six happily switched out resources for us, ensuring we had what we needed to complete the project.

Pamela E.
NOV 8 2021

They dig in and help understand the problem, how to think about it, provide the best technical options of how to solve it, then execute as quickly as possible. This is by far the best way to help me make sure we're successful, and that I know what's being done and how to support it once they're finished.

Brandon H.
OCT 20 2020

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