Nationwide autobody shop jump starts analytics program with One Six Solutions


Data analytics platforms are essential tools for today’s businesses.

They shed light on every aspect of operations and help drive better, more strategic decision-making. The glut of information and data needed to power these solutions can be difficult to manage without an expert guiding hand, however.

Our client, one of the nation’s largest autobody and mechanical repair shops, struggled to get the most value out of its analytics platform and generating useful insights that for stakeholders across the country. One Six Solutions helped the company establish a solid analytics foundation and build out a platform that can fully deliver on this technology’s potential.

Data analytics platforms shed light on every aspect of operations and help drive better, more strategic decision-making

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Our Solution

Achieving analytics maturity through leading technology and processes

One Six Solutions assisted with two very different – but equally important – aspects of establishing data analytics in our client’s organization: technology and process. 

Our team helped to design and implement a technology environment to support the company’s analytics aspirations. We created a cloud-hosted Data Warehouse using Snowflake and AWS so company leaders can scale up analytics processes when required.

We also incorporated Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online into the solution to guide decision-making at corporate, regional and local levels with the help of compelling data visualizations.

Beyond the technological component, One Six Solutions worked with project stakeholders to standardize analytics measurement criteria, defining the key performance indicators that had the greatest impact on business operations.

Snowflake – The Data Warehouse was built with Snowflake with near-real time data feeds from operational systems being loaded continuously

Tableau dashboards were leveraged by executive management to understand each retail locations performance against multiple insurance industry metrics that could roll up at both the regional and national levels with ease

The Results

Delivering greater visibility and strategic decision-making

Thanks to our powerful, custom-built solution, including interactive dashboards and reports, company leaders have more visibility into various areas of the business than ever. KPIs related to team performance, specific retail locations, corporate training and much more are readily available, giving decision-makers the information they need to effectively manage the organization at every level. Compliance requirements have also been simplified with greater access to related metrics and reports. 

With One Six Solutions’ help, our client’s analytics platform has taken a major leap forward, setting them up for future growth and success.